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What Do You Do On A Roof Install?
We do a full tear off down to the decking. We will replace any bad decking. We replace any flashing that is approved by the insurance company. We install gutter apron along the eaves and drip edge on the rakes. We put ice and water shield in the valleys and synthetic underlayment on the whole roof. Then we put on the shingles and ventilation system of your choosing.
What Happens If My Claim Is Denied?

The bold letters on the top of our contract are clear about what happens if your claim is denied. If we can’t get your roof paid for by the insurance company, the contract is null and void and you don’t owe us anything.

If your account manager believes the adjuster was in error, we work with a public adjuster that we would be happy to recommend who can work with you to try to get your roof re-inspected and approved. There is no cost to you for the public adjuster.

What Should I Look For?
  • A contractor with an Elite Certification.
  • A contractor that uses quality materials.
  • A contractor with an Elite certification from an established manufacturer.
  • A local contractor.
  • A contractor that obeys the laws.
  • A contractor with good online reviews and an excellent reputation.
  • A contractor who can offer you a labor warranty from an established shingle manufacturer.
Who pays the home insurance claims deductible for storm damage repairs?
You as the homeowner are fully responsible for paying your deductible and it is actually against the law for a contractor to cover that cost. AAA Storm Repair and Restoration does, however offer a cash incentive for customer referrals.
Do I Need An Estimate?

If you have an insurance claim on your roof, the insurance company is going to write the estimate for us. The insurance company will send out an adjuster who will decide the full scope of the work to be completed and issue an itemized loss sheet with market rates for the work to be performed. We don’t provide an estimate because we don’t know the scope of the work to be completed until the insurance company provides the itemized loss sheet.

Under our contract, we do the work for the amount the insurance company pays and your only out of pocket cost will be your deductible.